Earn great rewards like never before

Wawa provides great benefits to its customers by allowing them to earn rewards on every purchase they make. This makes shopping more fun when you know you are going to earn something when you spend on grocery shopping. Earning rewards by shopping at Wawa stores is extremely easy. You just have to scan your Rewards Card in your app or on your keychain at the checkout and then you can choose to pay any way you want.

Loyal customers can also earn bonus rewards.

Loyal customers can also earn bonus rewards.

All you need to do is join Wawa rewards today and you will enjoy member-exclusive benefits. You will earn rewards every time you spend 50 dollars. So, the more you spend the more rewards you will earn. But, note that you will only earn rewards for the purchase of eligible items.

The company rewards its customers throughout the year for being loyal to the company. They send them bonus rewards for being an awesome member. To get these and other great benefits you need to join the Wawa Rewards program by registering yourself. You can do this on the official website. On the home page you will see an option “sign up now”, just click on it to begin the registration process.

On the next page, you will require to provide some personal information. You will have to provide your full name, date of birth, and gender. If you are working for the company you can click on the checkbox on that page. Then, enter your email and password with a confirmation. Then, you will be asked some security questions, answer them carefully and click on the continue button. After this you will have to provide some additional information and you will be registered.

You can also download the app that allows you to order, pay, and earn. You can see all the stock there and order what you want in an extremely easy way. Furthermore you can pay for the order from your mobile before you get to the store. You can also earn through it, all you have to do is scan your rewards card from the Wawa app, pay with cash, credit, debit, the gift card, or app, and earn.